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About Founder

BSSI is a premium SEO company in India today. With a large number of international and local clients, BSSI has proved itself as a leader in the domain of SEO services. BSSI has gained popularity as it not only focuses on traffic statistics and high rankings but also conducts a comprehensive analysis of your website and gives you suggestions to improve your conversion rates. In fact, BSSI boasts of the best conversion rates where visitors turn into clients in a matter of days.

So what does the founder, Mahesh Kapshikar, have to say about his success and BSSIís future?

Mahesh Kapshikar is the founder and owner of BSSI, the leading SEO service company in Pune, India. He founded BSSI in 2006 with just a small team of around 10. With its stupendous growth, BSSI has become Mahesh's dream come true. Today, BSSI is a full-fledged organization with several SEO experts and talented web designers. As a young entrepreneur, he believes in giving his clients total value for money. As Mahesh says, "We only had the dream to succeed and the vision and confidence to achieve what we were aiming for. It was a remarkable journey through passion where each and every one of us worked tirelessly for years to attract and retain clients. We succeeded in our endeavor and today BSSI is among the best SEO providers."

Mahesh ensures that his team follows a quality-driven methodology and a business-oriented approach for all clients to achieve the best ROI. The use of advanced analytical and ROI tools ensure that a client's budget is optimally invested.

With strong leadership skills and fine business acumen, Mahesh has played a key role in taking BSSI to great heights. He is of the opinion that customer satisfaction, up-to-date technology and a good revenue model are key factors in BSSIís growth. He also appreciates his team's efforts in constantly delivering quality services on time within budgets.